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Our proprietary software waits in the background like a Ninja. As sellers interact with your website Deal Site Now collects information so that even if they don't finish the form you will know enough to reach out. Since 90% of sellers abandon the contact form before they hit submit you are missing out on 90% of your opportunities to know who they are and how you can help them. the moment sellers start to fill out the form our ninjas go to work and start collecting data. So even if they don't fill out their name and phone number you will know who owns the house and what their phone number is. And you will know this before they even hit submit. 

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Making it easier to reach your audience


You are successful because you are good at finding and talking to sellers who need to sell fast. You are probably not good at building a high performing website. And you don't need to be. In fact for most people building a website is just a distraction. So we made it incredibly simple to build out a site that produces leads in a matter of minutes. No coding, no need to understand SEO, and no wasted time. 


Your website needs to stand out. Our job is to make that happen. Deal Site Now is committed to relieving stress and saving you time by putting all the tools you need to have exceptional websites for both buyers and sellers all in one place.

Did you know that 90% of your leads will leave before they submit their information to you? No need to fear, we have a solution to make this an issue of the past for both agents and investors. 

What makes Deal Site Now different?

We know your time is precious and that you needed your website up and running yesterday. Deal Site Now removes the need to interact with an agency. You can also say goodbye to having a boring, traditional website. Our sites will help you…

Stand Out

Contact capture before they finish the form so that you don’t lose the information from those who leave your page before hitting submit.

Improve Credibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built-in! Get ready to have your websites stand out on search engines like Google and Bing.

Social Media Integration

Connects to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Save Time!

Many more…

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