Hi, we’re Deal Site Now!

Deal Site Now is a website management platform built by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. Our team discovered that the options currently available to real estate professionals weren’t meeting their needs. We decided that we wanted to change that, so we used our expertise to make it easier for investors and realtors to develop sites that do exactly what they need them to do. 

Our goal is to help you reach the buyers and sellers they’re looking for by making it easy to establish an online presence. The world of real estate is fast-moving. You don’t have all day to manage your websites. That’s what we’re here for. Let’s work together and help sellers sell their house and buyers find the right property.

Website management for the busy real estate professionals.

We know how important it is that your website stand out among your competitors. We understand that you need one site for sellers and a completely different site for buyers. To help with this, we offer three different package options at competitive prices for you to choose from. Our prices range from $60/month for one site (either buyer or seller) to $90/month for both sites to $185/month for our special advanced marketer package. Interested in getting a discounted rate? Simply opt to pay annually instead of monthly when you sign up.